The sprits of Bonly People

Nowadays, the temperature in Hangzhou City is raising higher and higher. People around me always complain that they are almost melted by the high temperature. However, 35 degrees to 40 degrees is not such a high temperature on my mind! If they have been to the workshops of our foundry, they will found the real felling of been melted. I hope that friends who have finished reading this article can be more considerate of the people who are making the casting around you. Because compared to environment of the urban white-collar, which is clean and tidy, spacious and bright and is available of the air-conditioning fans, the environment around founders is not very comfortable. The temperature of the interweaving smoke and dust reaches 40 ℃ and even 50 ℃ ,which makes the whole workshop a big “stove”.


Before joining Bonly, I always sit in the office facing various documents, business documents and soon. I think it is hard even. Only after I really enter one workshop and get close to the working furnaces, I have got the toil and hardness of the Bonly Founders. Those people always doing heavy work by the electric stove of more than 1500 degrees. Their clothes are exchange between wet and dry from time to time. They are war heavy working clothes, dust masks to prevent molten iron and dust from being placed in heavy “battles”.


Casting people, still wearing heavy “battles” in the face of high temperatures, always sticking to their positions. Casting people are also flesh and their body will also feel hot and tired. However, they are conscientious and absolutely complain about the quality of casting normal production in order to improve work efficiency, to provide a better life for family members. Bonly people never complain about their work. We believe that as long as we work hard to make products and services well, make our customers are satisfied, the development of Bonly will get better and better along with lives of Poly people.


If you are looking for casting parts, please contact Bonlycasting. Bonly people are always waiting to provide the best products and service for you.




Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation

Post time: May-14-2020
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