Precision Casting

不锈钢止回阀In order to respond to the call of national green manufacturing and meet its own needs for the transformation and upgrading of upstream industrial chain, the company’s main business involves the research and development of metal materials, metal casting, precision processing and precision mold manufacturing. In 2017, it was put into full production with an annual output value of 450 million yuan. Excellent quality leads the industry to become the first base to enter the foundry industry. The investment casting fully absorbed the management characteristics and experience of the domestic and foreign casting industry, and gradually introduced the Gree management mode.


The company has passed ISO14001 environmental management system, iso45001 occupational health and safety management system, ISO9001, iatf16949 quality management system certification. At present, the company has complete mold design and test verification conditions. Skilled in design of various compressor casting, auto caliper, bracket and other products, the company can quickly proofing. At the same time, it has the ability of simulation and analysis of anycast software, which solves the defects of casting products in the development and design stage to the maximum extent. Equipped with direct reading spectrometer, coordinate measuring instrument, fluorescent magnetic particle detector, X-ray real-time imaging detection system and other quality detection equipment in the whole process ensuring the reliability and traceability of products. At present, it can provide castings for compressor, automobile, pump valve, intelligent equipment and other industries, covering household appliances, transportation, cast iron cooker, industrial automation, equipment manufacturing and other industries.


Bonly company has high-end smelter, vertical molding production line, disa sand treatment system, and 9 automatic flange, crankshaft, cylinder and bearing seat production lines. Among them, the line body automatic design and the key vertical machining center machine tool are independently designed by Gree company. Cooperate with Gree information management system to realize unmanned processing and real-time feedback of production information. Compared with conventional processing, the production efficiency has been greatly improved.t0183dcdd436240a9b9

In the process of development, our workers always keep in mind Bonly’s spirit of “loyalty, friendliness, diligence and enterprising”, constantly practice the development concept of independent innovation and self-reliance, and provide customers and enterprises with high-quality products. Grey precision casting always aims to promote the development of green, high-end and intelligent casting industry. In the future, we will continue to innovate and forge ahead to create a better tomorrow for the casting industry.



Post time: Apr-18-2020
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