The 15th China international

The 15th China international die-casting conference & the 6th China nonferrous alloy and special casting technology seminar will be hold in Shanghai in July.

Time:July 15-17, 2020

Place: N2 pavilion ,M42 meeting room ,Shanghai new international expo center

The theme:Innovative development and practical application of colored die casting technology


This conference will focus on nonferrous casting with the aim to promote casting industrial development. It is learned that scholors will discuss on the application technology and equipment of non-ferrous casting represented by aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zinc, copper and other alloys, and will also focuses on the development of the whole industrial chain and technological innovation, as well as the general situation of domestic and foreign markets. It aims to promote the upgrading and development of nonferrous casting industry in China.

The contents of the meeting include raw and auxiliary materials for nonferrous alloy casting, practical casting technology, casting equipment, testing equipment, computer application technology, energy conservation and environmental protection technology and equipment, etc.

Conference speaker: well-known enterprises and related universities and institutes in the field of various materials and casting methods at home and abroad.

Participants: domestic and foreign production enterprises, universities and industrial service institutions engaged in the production and development of non-ferrous casting.





Post time: Apr-02-2020
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