Mobilization meeting of Bonlycasting

078a244c3ed04116a619532da2bebd82_th7-200305112214a5      At present, China has won a great battle with the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCP). But for the epidemic, the current primary work and tasks of all of us are: be careful of embankments, prevent recurrence, continue to fight against viruses, race against time, and resolutely prevent the re-infection and spread of NCP! Shao Dongfang, the general manager of our factory, said that although our factory has resumed normal work, every production workshop and every production line has resumed normal operation. However, we must not relax our vigilance. At the same time of normal production, we must also do good personnel control Work, strengthen personnel’s epidemic education. At the same time, he also stressed that although the epidemic brought us some difficulties, it also brought us opportunities. We must seize this opportunity to establish a more scientific decision-making mechanism and an effective organizational management system; do a good job of products, make products to the extreme, create value for customers; increase the informationization and digitization of enterprise operations, and improve the efficiency of enterprise operations , focus on collaborative innovation—–reported from Carlos, Bonlycasting


Post time: Apr-23-2020
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