General situation of investment casting

   1、 General situation of precision casting

      Precision casting is the general term of precision casting technology. Precision casting is a kind of metal forming object obtained by the method of precision casting, that is, by pouring molten liquid  into the prepared casting mold  through pouring, injection, inhalation or other ways, and then cooled to obtain certain shape, size and performance.


Precision casting includes investment casting, ceramic casting, metal casting, pressure casting and lost foam casting. Among them, investment casting is more commonly used, also known as wax loss casting: select appropriate investment materials (such as paraffin) to make investment mold; repeat the refractory coating and sand blasting process on the investment mold, harden the shell and dry it; when investment casting, use the heat treatment process. When the internal mold is melted to obtain the cavity; the shell is calcined to obtain sufficient strength and burn off the residue. Mold materials; metal materials for pouring; solidification cooling, shelling, sand cleaning, so as to obtain high-precision products. According to product requirements or heat treatment, cold treatment and surface treatment.


2、 Production and sales of precision castings in China

      In recent years, China’s investment casting industry projects continue to increase and production capacity continues to improve. In 2015, China’s investment casting output exceeded 2.2 million tons.

In recent years, the downstream demand field of China’s precision casting industry is expanding, and the demand for precision casting is increasing. In 2015, the market scale of China’s precision casting industry exceeded 110 billion yuan.


3、 Enterprises in China’s precision casting industry

      With the continuous improvement of the industrial chain and technical level of China’s precision casting industry, the demand of downstream demand areas for precision casting is also increasing. It can be seen that in the next few years, China’s investment casting production will continue to grow steadily. It is estimated that by 2021, the output of China’s precision casting parts will be close to 4.6 million tons.


With the rapid development of China’s economy, the domestic precision casting market is expanding day by day. For example, the high-speed development of the automobile industry has led to the rapid growth of the output and brand of automobile precision casting products, and the development of the residential construction industry has led to a sharp increase in the demand for construction hardware. China’s investment enterprises directly purchase parts from the region, and the original orders in the international market have become. In the domestic market, the demand for investment casting in the downstream demand area is only increasing. It can be seen that in the next few years, the market scale of investment casting industry in China will continue to grow steadily. It is estimated that by 2021, the market scale of China’s precision casting industry will be close to 285 billion yuan.

Post time: Apr-16-2020
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